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Is my data secure? technology

Yes. The HTTPS protocol is used for any sending and receiving of data. Additionally, data is compressed and 256-bit AES encrypted before being sent either to or from the client system.

Prior to runs being sent for analysis, data labels such as patient identifiers are obfuscated and

marked as either a control or sample type on the user’s local computer. Thus, sensitive

information will never leave the laboratory.

Stored results include only the filename, well location, sample/control type, fluorescence readout graph and result classification for the sample.

We provide standalone hardware for use in the scenarios. This product has been certified to

conform to CE-IVD requirements for use as an Accessory to qPCR H-IVD testing.

The hardware itself is custom built by our ISO-certified suppliers to ensure the speed and

reliability of the service. Our suppliers ensure that this conforms to any legal requirements e.g. for EMC, etc.

Yes - we can enable settings that allow a system administrator to enable both MAC and IP address filtering.

The hostname can be changed to your requirements. However, in testing setting a static IP was shown to lead to difficulties when network settings were changed or the box was moved. Thus the recommended way to apply static IPs is to use router/firewall/other DHCP settings based on the unique MAC address.

Of course! Please simply send an email to us. We will set you up a login to use our online service. You can then test the package online using your own computer.